FCC and Congress to Upgrade Internet Speed In America: Meeting The Needs of Today

A screenshot of internetlivestats.com showing the astronomically high numbers that change faster than your eyes can focus.


We left off last week with bridging the gap from the creation of the internet and utilization of it being strictly for the government to the release of the internet to the public. We also addressed the parameters governing its usage being revoked as the cornerstone platforms became obsolete. And lastly, what the revoked parameters meant for the world of commercialism.


The 1990’s proved to be both a pivotal point for the internet, commercialism, and the combining of the two; but it also proved to be just the beginning of a massive learning curve that would span the next two decades. A learning curve that impacted individuals and businesses alike. And as we continue on into the third decade of publicly accessible internet we are just now coming into our own and able to start catching up with other countries when it comes to learning and utilizing the internet for many more aspects of everyday living.

Future Expectations

The projections of the internet usage, the online sales, and the many additional areas of life that technology will be changing how we do things in the coming years as the changing face of technology is more progressive than ever before is an impressive, yet astronomical achievement in the works. Technology has put the capabilities of over twenty different gadgets, and access to stores worldwide in the palm of your hand.

In the final article of this series we will be concluding with what plans the FCC and Congress are working on to bring this upgrade of internet speeds to the American public and give a glimpse into what the next series beginning in July will cover.

Projected advances of tech originated sales worldwide through 2021

Part 5 of 6 Re: FCC; Congresses Role; and what this means for the future of the internet, internet services (availability and options) and service providers; the changing face of technology.

Written By: Crystal Lori-Ann Winkelman (June 2019)

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