FCC and Congress to Upgrade Internet Speed in America: Bridging The Gap Between The Past And The Present

From 1994 to 1996 many changes and advancements were made that altered the way the internet would be utilized as well as to how far reaching it would be. The accessibility that would come was yet to be realized. The advancements of the internet have taken it from being a privatized tool of the government to being an accessible source meeting a variety of needs for a large portion of the world.

It has changed the way we access entertainment, education, dating, gaming and other internet based versions of fun; as well as how we communicate, conduct business, and do research just to name a few of the many aspects of life that have changed. It has made Thomas Guides, atlas’s, globes, theaters, libraries, and an endless list of other places and objects obsolete; a list that is continuing to grow as we advance to being able to shop for anything online. 

Addressing Factors That Impact The Gap

While many companies do utilize the internet for their business what was once solely a government tool is now largely a source of various types of entertainment. A fun escape for much of those with access which impacts the gap that Congress is trying to bridge. There are two sides to the gap that they have to address in order to properly bridge that gap.

The first is providing networks capable of high capacity usage. By increasing the internets capabilities capacity the impact experienced by high volumes of users at peak times decreases. The 1990’s were a learning experience for all of us. It was almost impossible to log into the most simple of site at certain hours because to user volume was too high. As technology has advanced peak times no longer impacted ones ability to access the internet regardless of what ones needs are. The second is to ensure that there are speeds available to meet the various needs of users nationwide. The needs of someone that only sends emails is going to be drastically different than that of someone that plays RPG or RTS video games. 

What to expect in the concluding articles of this series and a preview into our next series regarding Internet Service Providers

Next week: We will be finishing up this series with the final two articles that ties all this information together. What steps the FCC and Congress are working on taking in the advancements to upgrade internet speeds across America. This will also be the lead in into our next series that we currently have planned. A series focused on a government funding project for Internet Service Providers.

Part 4 of 6 Re: FCC; Congresses Role; and what this means for the future of the internet, internet services (availability and options) and service providers; the changing face of technology.

Written By: Crystal Lori-Ann Winkelman (June 2019)

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